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Songs to Yeet At The Sun


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dismalnow thumbnail
dismalnow This is the hottest horrorcore rap I've heard since the original OFWGFTA. It's next level.

The rest of the album is ultramodern hardcore that stomps your ex-cop grandpa, but this is the gem. Favorite track: 2K (ft.Archangel).
Mike Swag
Mike Swag thumbnail
Mike Swag punk AF.

do you expect me to stick around with my head down and my hand out? / this shit is coming out easy /
i've seen it time after time in my life / just because i am crazy doesn't mean i'm not right Favorite track: (Quietly) Do The Right Thing.
dae-su thumbnail
dae-su really cool blend of hip hop and dirty grimey punk music. clearly coming from the heart, love these guys and this project. Favorite track: 2K (ft.Archangel).
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What is heart to a head start but to drive me like a cheap car to go three times as hard just to get half as far? Don't get me wrong, but don't get me fucked up. Covetous eyes can't see substance, which makes sense, lust is nothing besides a cancer to my cousin. I ain't count nobody pocket off nothing, but you covered yr ass then covered yr eyes cus yr covered and fly and buzzing. Don't treat us like we're dusty. We're alone as fuck out here and it's funny, and naïve of me to really believe niggas out the weeds wielding the reach that they think they've achieved. Clout just about amounts to nothing, so I'll believe it when I see. Man, nigga please. Niggas think that they slick with the shit they show they care about. Do you expect me to stick around with my head down and my hand out? This shit is coming out easy, I've seen it time after time in my life. Just because I am crazy doesn't mean I'm not right. It comes to mind there was a few times niggas acknowledged us in ways that looked and felt like a lot more than empty promises. It comes to mind there was a few times I wanted to admonish you when I felt provoked by the words you spoke in real time like they weren't first mine. It comes to mind there were a few times I had to remind myself I wasn't the first person to be passed over for waifish aryans and that I too have subjected others to that same rejection and hurt. Yeah, I'll fry myself there. Oddly enough, I didn't come to lose my trust in anyone. In 2020 it could be an insult if you don't wanna get money with someone. In twenty-ninescene it was always someone out here tryna talk down or fucking promise us something.
29 01:15
Escitalopram. My SSRI's straight up keep me alive, you know I got my predilection. Niggas know to the cent the cost of their next three steps in any given direction. This means my means for the fees is tree, nigga please believe I see the irony. It's so sweet that I'll keep memories of a degree that put a freeze on my grandma's medical covering. The tragedy's not lost on me. Escitalopram. Sell to buy. Seldom buy. Microbudget all yr 20's, not just the bills. The scarcity we've always known now counts for yr pills. You'll never find time to ask why, besides curiosity kills. It's 100 rats for every Black cat, each promising savings and deals. I feel done dirty by a net 30, but this is going legit, and not a clear sign corporations are people is clearly bullshit. When it's my time and my dime, processing takes my patience, but when it's my work it must be immediate. Happiness, focus, and balance to all who can pay their sacrificial offering to the AMA. Thank God for Escitalopram.
I don't get these niggas saying that they lookin for love. If u out here catching feelings cool but I'm backin up. I'm just playin but a nigga know what he dreaming of, nigga thats cheeks. Free them like Meek I need them on me wsup. I need that ass nigga aint no other way to get the point across. U can skip me and grip that loss but my stroke better than Bob Ross. I need that ass bb lemme beat both at night and in the morning. Sunrise nut is so important and yr stank ass breath done made me horny. The nigga in me is me. Songs to yeet. Soul Glo 3 peat. Lasting this long, shits a feat. It's much harder when u wanna do it properly. Nigga I'm a plug for the scene. Pop out with the PGW namean. Pop out with a stinky pocket for quick cheese. Make a fast 40 around the corner my nigga please. Archangel. Doin estrogen in the back of a Chick-Fil-A Ain't know the weather but I know I want some dick today. She ask me how I shake it and I told her automatic. Then he broke my back call that stroke chiropractic. Black superhero hair twist bitch I'm Static. Slap a politician now he say he democratic. Uh. Shock to your head and your system. Don't it shine don't it glisten. Evil laugh I'm a villain. Hahahahahahahaha. My mans Moneynicca ate some ass in a cornfield. Or was it pumpkins fuck it dog it's the same deal. Told my nigga how I got my whole damn life changed. Fucked in a Trader Joe's and gave my nigga good brain. They asked me who to choke and I said yours truly. Always keep it strapped and I ain't talkin bout a toolie. Bitch I'm 23 take 11. I put 12 inna tree. Lynch mob shit. Bitch I'm cra-*censored*. U ever fuck in the back of a U-Haul in the early fall Super Smash Brothers Brawl?. I beat it up back shots and all. Making shordy have to crawl. To the window to the wall. I need the mf ass nigga. I'll make our stranger status something of the past nigga. I ain't afraid of the taste of the cracc nigga. I'll show u everyone u fucked is fuckin wack nigga. I need the mf ass shordy. I'll make u wonder if a nigga took a class shordy.I'll leave u feeling like a bath w some hash shordy. You'll hit yr ex just to tell them they was trash shordy. My nigga Angel w a foot on every neck. Her ride wait outside while she making niggas beg. She told me she got bopped off in a gift shop. And I ain't seen nobody look as good in a crop top. You could say she gave Richmond Ice Cream. You could say she obsessed w a pipe dream . You could say we both obsessed w a pipe dream.
Mathed Up 02:06
81 blocks cycled across the city, the moths in my wallet saying, Nigga welcome to Philly! Niggas wrung out in the widened wealth gap, ain't no winning no way! You ever gone that far in the rain for an 8th? A text in the middle of the night, just as I'm about to close my eyes, and a nigga like, Yeah but you gotta come here, is that alright? 450g gone every 4 weeks, Jeff Sessions old ass making it harder to eat. And on the other hand, it's places you can cop legally, but til they drop my nigga charges it don't mean shit to me. Another text in the middle of the night, just as I'm about to close my eyes, and a nigga like, Yeah, but you gotta come here is that alright? (Another text) The game straight pay a nigga lights. Yeah I'm giving my math out, but I make more trips to the plug house. Yeah I'm getting my math up, stretched thin, I can't back up. I sleep in, but I bag up. All cash, no taxes. My level low, I'm not bragging. Leaves and oil, no lacking. Outside like wus brackin? Dreaming of when I pack up, niggas playing in my face now. If you rich, you can blow tree on TV. Yt can grow tree on TV and never ever worry about no cases, how? And get praised as an entrepreneur! Wow! Cash crops fat a cash cow when it's niggas in the slaughterhouses with their hands bound. Nigga. This fuck shit is corny, I'm just tryna eat, but probation got me like nigga wsup? I'm tryna make this rent not to daily repent, but the police got me like nigga wsup?? I'm moving up to quaps steady giving more than what I got. Yr excuse is It's in my nature to put me in danger while yr screaming at me like nigga wsup??? Had all types of green in front of my nigga and he not lay one finger like nigga wsup? Even when he take a sip a nigga never trip about what might be up in his cup. I'm in my fucking bag seeing something I can't have. Meanwhile who on lifestyle while I'm working on dying on Girard Ave? I'm a darkskin nigga with a bit of knife for each and every punk goes crunk white nigga. Made in America, or taken there, but I will never ever show up in the picture. Outside of time and mind, the nigga in me is me, I am Moneynicca. 30 years ago to today nigga, art nigga ribs touch round this way, nigga.
Clean money waxing legitimate feels like a non-alternative. Quiet as its kept in the whip, we lit. Niggas know what we got hit. To invest on the constant while we tryna live is a prick in our hip. My niggas walk w a limp. You can see the blood in our footprints. You can see the mud in our fingertips and our fingerprints off dirt niggas did. Waiting on the other shoe to drop and it maybe wont fit. Whether it feel comfortable or not niggas gon wear it. Everybody running for a carrot. Caldwell copped Ks w the sheriffs. So any way weget it got merit. Our era is a marketplace of contained demolitions, pleasant distractions under commercial supervision, and affordable suicidal coping mechanisms. I catch myself picking at them even when I'm bored, awash in the promise that I'll be destroyed. Now picture me overseas medicated, but still, the settlement for all of we've survived sabotaged by guilt. So a nigga stress eats. When they brought me to the car, I swear to god I didn't tell. On my life I didn't tell. I'll put myself before my nigga only when the punishment come. As far as law concerned I be the only one.


released November 6, 2020


all rights reserved



SOUL GLO Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



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