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32. Been done ready to have the last laugh, but where the fuck was any of yall ass at? Pity and apologies? Nigga we past that, you won’t hear me ask that, hit me on my CashApp. We finna let the blood flow out the wine glass. No more selling off our trauma just to eat trash, or letting you deny the past to swerve the backlash. Every day, I’ve been raising up out the mud. It’s because I know I had to clean up before I work all of you niggas. Get all yall together, pull the shirt off of you niggas. Taking yall for all yall worth, you fucking pilgrims. We’ve come for our percent, the return on the investment, don’t act like that we aint met. NIGGA I’M TALKING REPARATIONS DO NOT TRY TO FUCKING PLAY ME NIGGA. Nigga you aint no threat. Fuck what any mf nigga said. I said nigga, you aint no threat. Write the shit backward on yr forehead, look at yr reflection and say it once more again. So broke off these loans I’m licking hot sauce off the back of my hand as a snack. The stomach pains feel the same as every panic attack, but I know I shouldn’t talk shit about all that. So self-aware, such empathy, trickle-down indie rock loves rap. White DIY is a fucking dead end path, and yall can have this bullshit back. Emotional assimilation, emotional deprivation. The deadest ass depersonalization, and I’m skipping class in social situations. And all these intentions are an intervention for all of that appreciation. The depreciating weight is just drops in the bucket for me, when I can carve my own space from what yr bodies will leave. But when will you look up from yr feet as yr crossing the street into oncoming traffic just to keep from passing me? What will you do to validate the space that you take?? Or claim??? I can’t quite relate. Goddamit we did it for the culture, just like we did it for the scene. And who we saw most of all was a bunch more niggas talking about “Well, what about me?” Get my young nigga Marquis free, and everybody best believe that I’d take myself off this opening beat and show that though he’s a teen, that nigga better than me. And from whose hand is he even supposed to wrest an opportunity? It’s not like Stereogum, FactMag, or Complex are posting visits up in PICC. And for our own resources, of course, online magazines be forcing us to compete. Meanwhile young nigga could be anyfuckingwhere in the state now that he’s 18. All while I have in hand the castles keys, nigga RIP.


from THE NIGGA IN ME IS ME, released June 7, 2019


all rights reserved



SOUL GLO Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



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