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DisNigga, Vol. 1


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I’m tryna see all my niggas w jewels and yet I can’t always afford food that’s the type of nigga that I am yea I’m dumb as shit but I got a plan yea I’m wylin w my money and my mouth finna look sunny and still I’ll smoke the profit off a flip nigga please know I do not give a shit nigga I want florida perm cuts on all of my teeth niggas w just one cap wont be fuckin w me trillion cut, give no fuck, I know I’m not ugly w a mouth full of slugs I’m on my ron weasley these not no platitudes we finna grip em dude we all finna flex yea we in that mood yea I know it rude but I be getting lewd bc these caps on me get em in the nude I said I know I’m dumb who give a fuck abt fronts or punx but you wont understand it none if no one ever assumed you dumb now its “defund the police” and I’m like “ha ha nigga please” nigga I been funding these teeth the city get none of my money the only change we gon see is once they hanging from trees these pigs turn white as they sheets when they come up against these streets finna act a bigger dick than all jim crows kids I lost all sense and sensibility at the trenches entrance life got no meaning outside of the stimulus and the money flip whippin down washington in the prius looking oh so suspicious fortunes every week and niggas aint never spun no wheel a nigga life not worth shit more to yall than whats behind my bills I learned its legal ways to steal I put the chain in game changer fr a quarter off the flip and I aint even broke open my last sealed
I am as I paint myself to be, riding down 12th w seven years on me; no one will ever know as long as I just keep moving. I can’t hear my paranoia over the clock ticking. I have to create the space to create so, no, I won’t be made to feel guilty. No artist is an activist, niggas not Dr. King, and I won’t be measured by standards that no one else is meeting. My niggas and me are as we’ve been colored in. No one is equal until the day we make actions, not people, illegal. This is some shit I prayed I’d say onstage one day. This is the shit wrapped around my brain when I’m awake. This is what I do and not because it’s cool. I am on two wheels day in and day out, in and out of traffic half living off word of mouth. Idk who just talking abt it and I dont really care. Niggas who say they love to make plays do not really be out there. Not everyone has to work and while that shit is unfair, we’ll stay getting forced awake between 6-8 until we take our shares. Nothing would be as sure to catch the ears of the law and billionaires than [???redacted????] Nothing but an armed march on Washington will scare these billionaires and/or politicians. Fuck a mob of crackas at the capitol or any theater of Washington. Me and every other stateside nigga was literally chillin like villains. The only problem that I had that day was that there wasn’t nearly enough killin!
juanchi: Quiero ser lo que viene Después de todo mal Puedo sentir lo que viene Moviéndose como el mar Intento y quiero correr muy fuerte (Nunca quiero parar) Dentro de mi puedo explorar (Dentro muy dentro) Mi cuerpo y mi alma real mas pura (Más pura y real) Dejando la expectativa atrás (Ya no quiero esperar) Quiero ser lo que viene (Viene, viene, viene) Después de todo mal (Todo lo que está mal) Puedo sentir lo que viene (Viene, viene, viene) Dejando la expectativa atrás (Dejando todo lo malo atrás) pierce: From a 2D rendering to non-corporeality: a redefinition and a redistricting. In a reclamation shaken from eternity’s tree is the miracle of you and all that it can mean. Even with crushed windpipes our voices can still sing. Generations of endless night can’t take our dignity. We built new emotions ourselves amidst atrocities which passed all assumed value when no one was looking. gg: I heard niggas cant be what they cant see; experience tells me I must disagree. It’s just insulting to those who definitely took space at the table and built their own seats. pierce: yall gon get this work AND yall gon pick up the check yall gon give it up smooth off yr scary ass cus we on yr neck yea I said none of yall a threat they handed me the mic and I said “bet” I’m in town sayn it w my chest yall time is up, I must confess in the driponomics section of the album that we got coming out I’m talmbout flippin and I got one more thing on that topic for my niggas so turn this up n listen white guilt is an unquantifiable natural resource, nigga start tapping we been reselling it right back to they ass and now nigga look at whats happened nigga get in the pit subvert the shit we all spent enough time in the crib the worlds yrs nigga off rip yr part of a long tradition that is nowhere close to finished and will be incomplete without you in it if its no one like you doing yr bit it just means there’s room for you to fit!


released February 27, 2021





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SOUL GLO Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



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